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The Latino Leadership Institute



About Us

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Who We Are

The Latino Leadership Institute (LLI) at the University of Denver (DU)
advances and elevates Latino leadership in Colorado by operating a transformational Fellowship Program and Alumni Network, establishing and honoring the state’s Latino Hall of Fame, and cultivating collaboration through community engagement strategies and initiatives. A 501(c)(3) organization established in 2013, the Institute fosters innovation and civic engagement across issues that impact Colorado’s growing Latino community. The LLI is a principle part of DU’s Impact 2025 Strategic Plan that strives to collaborate, empower, and lead.

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What We Believe

With the context that Latinos have contributed significantly to the U.S. for centuries, the LLI believes that all Colorado organizations innovate the most when their leadership reflects the diverse population of the state. We also believe in having a long-term measurable impact on the lives of Fellows, the communities in which they work and live, and the State of Colorado.


Our Work

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Nearly 70% of LLI Alumni have achieved career advancement

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LLI Alumni are now serving on
36 new boards and commissions


Our Impact

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Twelve Inductees to the Colorado Latino Hall of Fame


The growing Latino population has dramatically changed the complexion of the United States and Colorado. By 2040, one in three Coloradans will be Latino. But demographics do not determine destiny. Today, Latinos account for only two percent of all Fortune 500 CEOs, two percent of elected officials across the country, and constitute less than three percent of all non-profit boards. The Latino Leadership Institute at the University of Denver was founded to increase Latino representation in positions of influence by identifying, training, and supporting Latino professionals.

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The LLI's Latino Colorado Hall of Fame ensures that the Latino legacy of leadership is never forgotten and honorably recognized.
Five individuals and a family foundation who have achieved extraordinary success and made significant contributions to the State of Colorado will be inducted into the 2017 Latino Hall of Fame annually at the LLI's Latino Hall of Fame Gala.

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